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Who are we?

Bringing locally grown food from our family farm to your family table!

Hey friends!

Welcome to Rafter 8 Market Farm!

We are a growing family-owned market farm in a small community here in East Texas. Growing and raising everything here naturally and regeneratively with a goal of changing the narrative around healthy local food, the local small farmer and making both readily and affordably available to everyone!

This dream came from my desire to step out of the norm and do something completely different than what society deemed normal. I was tired of never felling fulfilled in the things I was doing, the goals I had accomplished or the path that my life was headed down. It then turned into a must for my health!


Currently on farm we have Black Beauty pork being both grown out for processing and raised for breeding purposes. a flock of free-range laying hens that produce the most delicious and beautiful eggs, and at various times of the year, we raise sets of Cornish Cross Chickens, and Heritage Breed Turkeys, that are raised on pasture, with sunshine, bugs and grass. 

In addition to the growing and raising of food for our family and yours, we are also building out options for on-farm classes and farm to table dinner events where a limited number of guests will be invited out to the farm for beautifully curated and deliciously prepared dinner. We will be offering various classes from canning, to butchering to cooking and even soap making and gardening, family friendly events, seasonal photo mini session opportunities and so much more.

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May the soil be fertile, the harvest be bountiful, and the farmer never grow weary.


Eph. 3:20-21

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