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Salad Club-Weekly Delivery Included

Salad Club-Weekly Delivery Included

Enjoy delicious, fresh, chemical free and locally grown lunch portion salad mix! By joining the Salad Club you will receive your salads weekly and fresh to local businesses, within a 20 mile radius of our farm. With orders of 5 or more a 10% discount will be applied. . 


~These are not your store bought salad mixes. 

~Loaded with a mix of greens and flavors.

~Packaged for convenient grab and go meals!

~1-2 servings per salad


Our gardens are naturally grown and chemical and pesticide free. 

Our animals are all fed a very natural diet of pasture, and corn & soy free feed mixtures we have freshly milled. 

Our animals are raised in a humane and natural way, on pasture and sunshine. 

    Salad Club will begin April 1, 2024!
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