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Whole Hog

Whole Hog



If you are looking to fill your freezer with naturally raised, locally grown, non-gmo fed, pastured pork get on our waiting list now. We offer a feedout service for those that don't have the space or the time to commit to raising your hog yourself. With this service, delivery to processor is included if you use our processor. You are responsible for your own cut sheet and fees payable to the processor. 


We raise Iowa Black Beauty hogs, which are a cross between the Heritage breed Meishan and Berkshire hogs. They produce a red meat, that is well known for its flavor and quality, as well as fat cap. Our feeders are raised on pasture and non-gmo feed to produce a quality meat that isn't full of chemicals and other ingredients that we personally don't want on our own table. 


We produce a limited number of feeder hogs a year, so getting on the waiting list early is a must!


*Once you have checked out, you will be contacted for further info and to secure your payment plan. 


Our gardens are naturally grown and chemical and pesticide free. 

Our animals are all fed a very natural diet of pasture, and corn & soy free feed mixtures we have freshly milled. 

Our animals are raised in a humane and natural way, on pasture and sunshine and a really great feed program.

Our goal is to have live weights between 300-350 lbs on day of delivery to processor.  


Price Breakdown:

$250 Deposit

$250 Installment at 90 days

$250 Final Payment at 180 days

Processor fees payable to processor by customer. 



    Our next litter of hogs should be available May 2024.
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