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What's Growing...


We have new life on the farm! Our first litter of the year arrived last week with 10 beautiful bacon bits. Everyone was born healthy and active and they are all growing like weeds (which are also abundant) already. Mom has been a trooper and is recovering fantastically as well. 

We have decided that this season is going to be a season of strictly focusing on finishing the farm, so we have pulled from all of the markets we were committed to. This was for a couple of reasons, one being my capacity levels being maxed out and the other being we have got to get systems in place and infrastructure finished in order to make this farm productive and profitable; which is a necessity for a market farm to stay in business. 

So...all sales will be on farm only. We have pork, beef and piglets available and we would love to have you out to visit. ~Farmer Mandy

Frequently Asked Questions

All the Answers to Your Questions

Is your produce chemical free?

Yes! We are growing everything on our farm naturally and chemical free. 

How do you sell your products?

You can shop in our online store, schedule on farm pick-ups or choose a delivery option for local customers. We are active members of our local Palestine Farmer's Market as well as the local Reko Ring. 

What do you grow?

Sign up for our weekly fresh sheet to stay up to date with what we are growing and raising and have available each week. 

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