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What's Growing...

Currently ~Farm Fresh Pastured Poultry Non-GMO Eggs

Currently ~Bi-Weekly Farmers Market Booth at Palestine Farmer's Market

May 24, 2024~USDA Certified Soy Free & Corn Free Heritage Breed Pork

May 27, 2024~Soy Free & Corn Free Pastured Poultry

June 1, 2024~Weekly Naturally Grown Vegetable Boxes

Frequently Asked Questions

All the Answers to Your Questions

Is your produce chemical free?

Yes! We are growing everything on our farm naturally and chemical free. 

How do you sell your products?

You can shop in our online store, schedule on farm pick-ups or choose a delivery option for local customers. We are active members of our local Palestine Farmer's Market as well as the local Reko Ring. 

What do you grow?

Sign up for our weekly fresh sheet to stay up to date with what we are growing and raising and have available each week. 

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