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Your Food Starts Here.

The food that you get on your plate from our farm starts months ahead of time. And it all starts with the soil!

We grow everything naturally, organically and chemically free on our farm; which means our soil health is the most important part of our gardens and growing our food.

We bring in dump truck loads of mushroom compost to amend our soil every season....and every single time it makes this farmers heart so giddy! Watching these beds with each planting makes all this hard work worth it.

This is the exact load that has amended the soil where the peppers and tomatoes that you will get from us in just a few weeks! This is where your food started, even before the seedling went into the ground.

Supporting local farmers in your community helps them to afford to keep bringing your local produce. Try it out...taste the difference...learn the story of your food and your farmer!

~Farmer Mandy

*If you are local to us we offer on farm pickup, pickup at our local farmer's markets as well as scheduled deliveries!

~Seasonal Produce~Pastured Pork (cuts, wholes & halves)~

~Pastured Poultry (cuts & wholes)~Livestock Feed~

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