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Timing. Seems we are always trying to get it right, trying to catch up, trying to get ahead, trying to hurry things up or slow things down.

This year has been a lot of reminding myself that it's not in my timing, it's in His. It's not my plan. It's His. And I have to have complete faith in Him, because this plan is most definitely not what I would have chosen.

Building a farm is not for the faint of heart or weak in faith. Not only are we moving all the gardens, building new gardens, transitioning from one section of the farm to another...but we are also competing with massive amounts of rain and add the cherry on top of me battling my very own body!

So I must remind myself every morning, every afternoon, every evening and many times between that God's got this....and He's got me! So are we where I was hoping to be by this point this season...absolutely not. But are we doing all the little things that are going to make my job easier and much more manageable...absolutely YES!

So today I just do the next thing on the list!

~Farmer Mandy

Eph. 3:20-21

"May the soil be fertile, the harvests be bountiful and the farmer never grow weary."

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